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Purpose and tasks

The purpose of the council is to aid, support and inform the Danish government in matters on Danish companies' social responsibility. The council contributes to, and supports the advancement of sustainability in the Danish private and public sector.


The council is to:

  • Strengthen the continued dialogue and share experiences and knowhow between government, companies, organizations and legal entities in how to adopt and exhibit social responsibility and sustainable growth
  • Make recommendations for the government, companies and organizations on social responsibility and sustainability,
  • Contribute to the execution of the activities described in the government's action plan on sustainability and growth,
  • Independently plan and execute own initiatives,
  • 'Contribute with inputs to the public debate on CSR and sustainable business behavior in relations to the media,
  • Participate in a yearly discussion with the Mediation and Complaints-Handling Institution for Responsible Business Conduct.

The council draws on international CSR networks and adopts the international perspective in its work and recommendations.